Programme (Adapted from (MOE) Nurturing Early Learners & I teach guide)

Language & Literacy

Listening & speaking. Emergent reading


Number sense & operations. 
Shapes & measurement. 
Patterns and relationships

Discovery of the world

Exploring the immediate environment and how things work. Discovering growth & change. Acquiring right attitudes towards the environment.

Aesthetics & Creative Expression


Life Childcare Centre

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Life Childcare Centre (LCC)

Life Childcare Centre (LCC), which comprises Life Child Care / Infant Care, welcomes you and expresses our thanks to you for entrusting your child to us.

Here in LCC, we make every effort to develop open and supportive relationship with parents and guardians. Together with you as our partners, we strive to maintain continuity between the school and the home for the benefit of our children’s learning and development.


Our Core Values

Do everything in love – 1 Corinthians 16:14.

Not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others – Philippians 2:4

Be kind and compassionate with one another – Ephesians 4:32

Our Vision

A love-filled learning playground where every child learns confidently and joyfully; immersing in the love of God and His people


Our Mission Statement

To create a preschool that offers high quality early education that includes a loving environment and imparting Christian values


Our Core Values





Our elder son Kai Teng attended Life Childcare since May 2012. The structure, discipline and the overall family atmosphere were what appealed to us when we visited the centre. From the administrators to the teachers and staff, the people in Life work like a family and we really do see the passion and enthusiasm in them which we don’t see often in preschools today.

Previously from a centre that does not have an outdoor area, Kai Teng had always been less physical and prefer to observe others than to attempt activities himself. The holistic programme and motivating teachers certainly have a positive influence on him as he blossomed into a more confident and adventurous child. He is always looking forward to the outings and has lots to share when he is home. We are also particularly pleased that he is speaking more mandarin now than before when he was attending a Chinese preschool.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the teachers and staff of Life Childcare who has provided a nurturing, loving and fun environment for our child. We are looking forward to more good years with Life as we enrol our younger one into the infant care this year. 

Parent's Accolade

Mrs Kwek, Mother of Kai Teng & Jia Li

I wanted an all round environment focusing not only the academic aspects but more importantly the character development of my child. Life Care Society has a team of educators who encompass the relevant experience and qualities of what I was looking for. My child, Ethan has emerged from his inhibitions and matured into a confident and friendly boy in a mere six months. I am confident with the continuing guidance and patience from the teachers, Ethan will embrace the strong foundation Life Care Society has instilled in his pre-school years towards a lifelong of his learning journey.

Parent's Accolade

Mrs Lua, Mother of Ethan Lua

How are you and how’s everyone at Life Childcare? Hope this email finds all of you well 🙂

It had been some time since we kept in touch, I thought I share some happy news with you…..

Shania had done well in her Primary One studies and achieved a 2nd position in class and best in English for the entire Primary One Level! We are so proud of her! Frankly speaking, she had been quite lazy at times when we asked her to do additional revision out of school work. She would give the excuse of having studied most that was covered in the Primary One curriculum when she was in K2.

Although I told her that she’s giving excuses again, deep in my heart I was really grateful that she had the priviledge to receive a holistic edcuation when she was at Life Childcare. The education, environment together with dedicated teachers, provided her with a good foundation and a head-start to her educational journey.

Speaking from an educator’s point of view, for being an educator myself, we do not see the fruits of our labour instantly. Often we are so engrossed and overwhelmed by the daily tasks and heaps of administration. At times, when we had to bear with the pressure from parents and students, that we wonder whatever we had done was really worth it.

Perservere…. for the fruits of our labour will not be apparent now, but will be, soon. And I guarantee that when we look back, we will find that it is worth every single bit of our efforts!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Life Childcare who had contributed to the nurturing of my child and please send my sincere regards to all at Life Childcare.

Email from Mrs Sue

Shania's mummy, 2 December 2011

It’s the teachers of Life Care that have impressed us since Day 1 – the professionalism, pride in their work and confidence whenever we interact have provided us assurance and peace of mind in leaving Nathaniel in their care.

I also appreciate the frequent feedback from the teachers and tight administration loop. (‘receipts are issued in a timely fashion. parents are duly informed of events/important matters has interesting updates etc..)

The huge open air playground and yummy food were additional big plus-es!

Parent's Accolade

Mrs Lim, Mother of Nathaniel Lim